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    Driving Lamps

    Driving Lamps  - Basically another way of describing Driving Lights so the same details apply; The KC Daylighter, Rally 800 Series, KC SlimLite, 69 Series, 57 Series, 50 Series , The All NEW! Apollo Series, and the 35 Series are all available with a dedicated driving lamp beam pattern, all these Driving lamps are designed to supplement your high beam headlights. Their candlepower (approximately twice that of your headlights), coupled with a rectangular beam pattern, produces a light pattern that reaches further than the high beam of your headlights. They also provide wider side lighting to help see things that are near the roadway such as children and animals. The use of driving lights greatly reduces the risk of animal strikes, which are frequent in rural areas.

     This Diagram will help you understand the different beam patterns available:

     Overhead Beam Patterns

    When you check out these various KC Lights you will see that they are available in different wattages, the most powerful driving lamps being the KC Daylighter 130 watt Driving Lamps which produces 170,000 candlepower from their specially designed Lenses coupled with their H 3 bulb, down to the 35 Series Driving Lamps which produce 22,000 candlepower from their wide beam pattern glass lenses coupled with their 55 watt H-3 bulbs. In-between, the 50 Series come as 100 watts and the 57 Series 55 watts and 100 watts,

     Whereas the KC Driving lamps above are also available as Long Range Lights, and in some cases Fog Lights and Flood Lights, the KC 35 Series Lights are a dedicated Driving light, more especially a Wide Beam Driving light!

    The Wide Beam Driving Lamp features KC HiLiTES's unique LX2 lens technology.
    This specially shaped clear lens projects a much wider beam pattern than standard headlights, providing increased side-to-side illumination. The Wide Beam light may be used with either the low or high beam headlights for improved night time vision.

    Ultimately for conditions that require Extremely Powerful Driving Lamps such as Competitive Sports, Desert Racing, Exploration in uncharted areas, Airport Runway Clearance etc., KC offer a range of HID Driving Lamps! KC HiLiTES has been offering HID lighting systems since 1995 and we continue to offer the latest HID technology available. Originally built on the same Metal Halide (gas-filled tube) lighting concept used to illuminate giant sports complexes, KC HID lights turn night into day. KC HID’s produce a light output more than four times the amount of any other light source available, and our rugged solid-state HID components will withstand the most severe conditions. The benefits are tremendous: Whiter light output, minimal amp draw, higher efficiency and much longer bulb life. This makes driving at night easier, safer and if you are racing…much faster! Our ballasts have been designed to function at voltages ranging from 9V to 19V for automotive as well as commercial and industrial applications. KC HID Driving Lamps are available as 6 x 9” HID Driving Lamps, Rally 800 HID Driving Lamps, 6” Round HID Daylighter Driving Lamps, 5” round HID Driving Lamps and the latest KC Pod Driving Lights, 24V HID Driving Lamps systems are also available, including the latest, 24V KC Pod Driving Lamps.   




    KC # 2627 / 4049 Bulb: 150w 12 volt 6 inch Sealed Beam

    150w 12 volt Long Range Sealed Beam for Daylighters
    Price: £29.99
    KC # 2550 Bulb: 35w 12 volt H3 Halogen

    35watt - Clear - H3 Halogen bulb
    Price: £12.99
    # 11350.02 Bug Shield in Smoke Wrangler & Wrangler JK 07 - 14

    Wrap Around Bug Shield in Smoke 07-14 Wrangler & Wrangler Unlimited JK
    Price: £69.99
    KC # 5124 6" Round Pink Hard Plastic Cover

    6 inch Round Pink Hard Plastic Cover - Limited Edition
    Price: £11.99
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