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    About KC HiLiTES

    About KC HiLiTES

    KC was started in 1970 by Pete Brown as he was looking for some improved lighting for his pickup. He started using aircraft landing lights and adapting them for his truck as the only available lighting at the time was limited to 55 watt halogen lamps that were in his words "really disappointing" in the desert. He made a few sets for his friends, and KC was in business. Working out of his garage in the begining, he assembled the lights, built the wiring harnesses and sold the lighting packages to off-roaders and local shops. As the original manufacturer of off-road auxiliary lighting, KC HiLiTES not only set the standard for the category - they created it!

       The 1970's and 80's brought more innovationsin lighting, and KC was in the forefront. In the 90's KC developed the now-famous HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting system, based on the same Metal Halide concept used to illuminate giant sports complexes.

       Since 2004, KC HiLiTES has ben owned and operated by Michael DeHass, Pete Brown's stepson. Many of the latest innovative KC products developed by DeHass and his team include the Slimlite, the Rally 800 series of lights, the radical Carbon Fibre KC-POD 70 watt HID light, and now KC's new line of high performance LED Lights.

    KC has always been about quality. Their lights are built tough, to last. Inside and out, KC has never accepted anything less than the highest quality materials and workmanship for their products. For 40 years, their goal has been to lead the lighting industry by offering the most advanced, superior performing lighting products available.

    Every manufacturer tests their products. It's part of the process. At KC HiLiTES however, their ideas spend a lot of time in the laboratory before a light is even prototyped. They try to view their ideas as their customers do from the original inception to the final inspection. Is there a need; how can they best fill the need; how bright a light; what color of light; what shape pattern is needed; which housing is best suited for the application? These are just a few of the issues that KC HiLiTes address before they really get started prototyping a new lighting unit.

    KC HiLiTes prefer to test them in the real world of high performance racing. Since way back in 1970, feedback from professional drivers has helped steer their designs in the right direction. This open dialog with racers and enthusiasts has helped KC to continually refine their thinking, and it shows in the performance of their products. It's also safe to say that every KC HiLiTES product that makes its way to market has graduated with honors from the school of hard knocks.

    At KC HiLiTES, they didn't become the dominant force in auxiliary lighting overnight. In fact, they've been traveling down that road for over 35 years, paved or not. Over that time, they've designed, engineered and manufactured the most advanced auxiliary lighting available. In the process, they've also built a rock solid reputation for quality and performance. That's why more and more drivers ask for KC HiLiTES by name. As the original manufacturer of off road auxiliary lighting, KC HiLiTES not only set the standard for the category, they created it. And while their thinking has always evolved, look close and you'll see a bit of our pioneering spirit in every new KC HiLiTES product.


    KC # 2627 / 4049 Bulb: 150w 12 volt 6 inch Sealed Beam

    150w 12 volt Long Range Sealed Beam for Daylighters
    Price: £29.99
    KC # 2550 Bulb: 35w 12 volt H3 Halogen

    35watt - Clear - H3 Halogen bulb
    Price: £12.99
    # 11350.02 Bug Shield in Smoke Wrangler & Wrangler JK 07 - 14

    Wrap Around Bug Shield in Smoke 07-14 Wrangler & Wrangler Unlimited JK
    Price: £69.99
    KC # 5124 6" Round Pink Hard Plastic Cover

    6 inch Round Pink Hard Plastic Cover - Limited Edition
    Price: £11.99
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