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    The Official UK Importer, Distributor, Supplier and Retailer for KC HiLiTES Auxiliary Off Road Lighting Products. 


     ( We also supply Bestop Jeep ProductsJeep Parts & Jeep Accessories )   

    PLEASE NOTE: All our prices INCUDE UK Value Added Tax ( VAT ) @ 20% Customers outside the UK or EU Please contact us prior to ordering for Net prices and relevent shipping costs - Also customers outside the UK but within the EU contact us for shipping relevent costs.

    With Spring now well on its way maybe your looking for some Bestop Products for you Jeep, be it a CJ, or Wrangler YJ, TJ or the latest JK! Well we can help you, why not step inside and have a browse!

    We now have the Fantastic Bestop Supertop NX, the  Bestop Trektop  and Trektop NX  available for Jeep Wrangler TJ , Wrangler Unlimited, Wrangler JK 2 Door and Wrangler JK 4 Door Unlimited!

    One of the BEST products ever you could have for your Jeep CJ or Wrangler is a Trail Cover also known as a Canopy Cover! this is installed in seconds and protects your open CJ or Wrangler from rain, dust, falling leaves and prying eyes when it is left without a top, either over-night, when your on the beach or at the shops! Trail covers / Canopy Covers are available for Jeep CJ 7's, Wrangler YJ, Wranger TJ, Wrangler JK and Wrangler Unlimited!

    If there is only one thing you buy for your CJ or Wrangler this year then this is the item to go for!


    Don't be caught out in the mud!


    The Rugged Ridge Tri Fold Recovery Shovel is a fully functional collapsible shovel that features two serrated edges for cutting or digging. The heavy duty black powder coated body is 23 inches when open and folds to a mere 9 inches. It can be stowed easily in any vehicle, but is still rugged enough for the toughest of jobs. Includes durable storage case.



    We Export all round the world so whether you live in Paris or Papa New Guinea we will get your KC Lights to you!

    AND we do NOT charge any extra for delivering 'KC HiLiTES Products' to Ireland or Mainland EU Europe! you pay the same as if you were in the UK

    (This does NOT appy to heavier items from our Jeep Accessories Range)



    Then why not check out our ever increasing range of Jeep Accessories!

    If there is anything you need for your Jeep, we can get it!

    (if it's not already on our shelves!)

    And with our Direct Link to Rugged Ridge - FAST!


    - The Home of Jeep Accessories -

    - Let your Jeep feel at Home! -


    Download your copy:

    2012 JK Wrangler Catalog (2007-2012 Jeep Wranglers)

    2012 TJ/YJ Wranglers & CJ Jeep Catalog (1976-2006 CJ & Wranglers)

    2012 XJ Cherokee Catalog (1984-2001 Jeep Cherokees)


    Contact Us and tell us which Jeep Model you have,

    and we'll get your hard copy to you.


    PLUS! With Omix-Ada NEW EU Programme - your Rugged Ridge Jeep Accessories can be with you in Continental EUROPE in a few days

    (subject to availability)




    Enter and Explore the World of KC HiLiTES Auxiliary Lighting

    Here on our website you will find the greatest range of KC Lights available ANYWHERE in the WORLD! 

    Check out the different Categories on the left to find what you are looking for, or take a look at

    " KC Lights by Size and Shape " if you are not sure of the type of Spotlights you are looking for.

    If you are having trouble deciding which of KC's extensive range of lights is going to best suit your needs and requirements feel fee to call us on (+44) 01843 226746 seven days a week! and we will be happy to talk you through your options and give you the benefit of our extensive experiance of vehicle auxiliary lighting, it is possible that we can suggest lights that you may not be aware of, or indeed supply lights taylored to your specific requirements. You will find our sales team both helpful and willing to spend time as much time as necessary to guide you through what might seem a daunting aray of choice, in order that you get the right lights for your vehicle and conditions that you may encounter. We pride ourself on our customer service which is second to none! No question, query or order is too small, we are here to help you decide or to supply you with that 'Lost or Damaged part' from your Daylighter or other KC Light! 


                                                                       11350.02                         15102.05



    Does your Jeep need to cover up ?

    Why not see what we have to offer!

     Now you've protected the outside, what about some protection for the inside!

    Our NEW range of Rugged Ridge Jeep Floor Liners will keep winter Off your carpets!

    ....And if you find your Wrangler JK Hardtop noisy.. why not fit an

    Acoustic Soundproofing and Insulation Kit

    If you chose the Hard Top option for your 07-11 Wrangler then you need Rugged Ridge’s Sound Deadener. This insulation is custom fit for the factory multi-piece hard top and greatly reduces noise inside your vehicle... 

    A must for all you Jeepers out there is Ken Brubaker's 2012 Jeep Off-Road Calendar

    Jeep® Off-Road Calendar 2012 

     Even if you can't get out in open country yourself, then this will give you the means to imagine that you can!

    Do you own a Wrangler JK Unlimted 4 Door, a Jeep Cherokee 2001 -,  a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2003 -, a jeep Commander 2006 -, a Jeep Liberty 2001 -, or a Jeep Patriot 2007 -?

    Does a member of your family have 4 paws, loves long walks, enjoys travelling and treats your Jeep as his own?

    Then the have just the thing for you!

    The Travall Dog Guard - not any-old universal Dog Guard, but a specifically designed Dog Guard to fit your Jeep! 

       We are curently in the process of adding hundreds of Jeep Wrangler Accessories to our website, so come back often to see how we are getting on, in the meantime if there are any Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ or JK Accessories you are looking for contact us and we will give you a price and delivery time.  

    If you are in a job or profession where your tools are your livelyhood, then we can off you a great way to safeguard your valuble investment with a range of Sentri Tool boxes and tool Vaults for your home, your vehicle or your site!

    Another Fantastic Range of Lights from KC HiLiTES!

    KC's New LZR Series of High Performance LED lights represents the latest advancements in Light Emitting Diode lighting Technology. KC LZRs project an extremely even distrubtion of light. One of the key features of KC LZRs is the super long life span of the LEDs, lasting up to 50,000 hours. Plus, they are incredibly resistant to shock and vibration. KC LZRs are brighter than other comparable LED lights on the market due to their greater efficiency and superior optics. 

     If you have a set of 150 watt KC Daylighters part #'s 622, 623 or 624 and are finding it difficult to find the replacement 150 watt Sealed Beam Bulbs ( KC part # 2627) for them, then look no longer as we have plenty of stock of them, our part # for these is 4049 - No matter where you are in the world we can get these replacement 150 watt Sealed Beam Bulbs to you!


    New !

    2-tab Lite Bar for Wrangler JK 2007 - 10





    SUPER-BRIGHT - 130 watt Halogen Bulb and over 370,000 Candlepower!

    130 watt H3 Halogen CARBON FIBRE POD LIGHTS - Available in both Long Range and Driving Beam Patterns, and whats more... FANTASTIC Introductory Price (For a limited time only)

    AND WHATS MORE....  Fully upgradeable to the 70 Watt HID Model

    ALSO NEW! 

    KC 6" Oval - 5" Rectangular and 4" round LED Brake Lights, LED Tail Lights, LED Indicators (Turn Single) and LED Clearance Lights 

    KC Light Series By Size and Shape



    KC HiLiTES Introduces


    This new lighting range features an extremely tuff black Polymax round light housing with a sleek, flat profile. Their optical quality glass lens, halogen bulb and polished reflectors combine to generate a super bright, specially focused beam of light. The two axis mount provides for easy aiming. Apollo Series lights are available in 55 watt 6” round or 5” round models, and come in a choice of Long Range, Driving or Fog light patterns. And like all KC lights, they’re backed by KC’s exclusive 23 Year Warranty  

    IMPORTANT NEWS FOR 4x4 Clubs, Off Road Clubs, Vehicle Culbs from UK OR Europe!

    If you are a member of any of the above Clubs from the UK or throughout Europe contact us with the details of your club for some interesting information benificial to your organisation and its members! 

    December and now its dark early! the foggy conditions are with us again, why not consider uprating your vehicle lighting with a pair of Driving lights to give you added visibility, and be prepared with a  pair of Fog lights, not only to help you see, but also to let others see you! Be safe this winter!

    NEW Range of Daylighters

    Following many requestes we have now introduced a NEW RANGE of Off-Road Daylighter! Instead of the regular 130 watt Hagogen bulb, these Daylighters come equipped with super bright 130 watt H-3 Ice Blue halogen bulbs. These bulbs, in conjuction with the specially designed reflector, produces a piercing blue-white light, similar in appearance to the look of HID lighting, each daylighter Producing 300,000 Candlepower! 



    Designed for On and Off Road use, each weatherproof low profile light bar produces tremendous light output, with a 12" bar producing 3600 lumens, 100 more lumens than a 35 watt HID while drawing only 4 amps and boasting an astonishing 50,000 hour life span.


    Enter and Explore the illuminating World of KC Lights and Auxiliary Lighting where you can select from over 90 Lighting Systems, and over 110 individual Lights from our online KC HiLiTES Catalogue! Here you will find one of the most comprehensive selection of KC Lights, vehicle auxiliary lights and lighting available anywhere! from the famous kc daylighters range to the new dynamics of the kc pod light, the industry's first 70 watt HID light. Here on our website you will find a complete range of vehicle auxiliary lights: off road lights, driving lights, rally lights, fog lights, flood lights, emergency lights, utility spot lights and HID lights which is second to none. 

    And over in the USA!........

    We would like to compliment Caron, one of our customers from New Jersey on her choice of the 'Hot Pink'  Daylighter covers to personalise her beautiful Wrangler JK, sure stands out from the rest! 

    Enhance your vehicle, and increase your vision and visibility; be it a Daily Drive, a treasured 4 x 4 or Off Roader,  ex military vechicle with a 24 volt system, or competetive Rally Car, whatever you drive, choose from the fabulous selection of KC Lights, the most comrehensive selection available anywhere on the internet, and UK home of the famous kc daylighters 

    KC Daylighters are a favorite with Mini's Old and New! 


    We can now offer some very favourable shipping rates to Europe, Contact us with your country and Post code along with the KC HiLiTES Lights you would like and we will show you the great shipping prices we can offer. 


    Spotlight Mounting Brackets

    A Rugged, high-strength composite Spotlight Mounting Bracket!
    which will fit 1.5 to 2 inch round tubes

    Designed to fit all KC HiLiTES Lights and many other products!

    We now have 3 way for you to navigate our website, so now you can use the one that best suits your needs;  


    By choosing from the Category list here on the left hand side of the Home page.


    Or by way of the Site Map that not only shows you the categories but also the sub-categories and complete product list

    Alternativly if you are shopping for lights by size then the information page shows you the size of the lights listed against the Light Range or Category

    By using any of these methods we hope that you will soon find exactly what you are looking for  

    PLEASE NOTE: All our prices INCUDE UK Value Added Tax ( VAT ) @ 17.5% Customers outside the UK or EU Please contact us prior to ordering for Net prices and relevent shipping costs - Also customers outside the UK but within the EU contact us for shipping relevent costs.

    KC HiLiTES extensive selection of auxiliary lighting includes a range of lights dedicated to ATV's (also known as Quad Bikes):

    These comprise of Long Range Lights, Driving Lights and Flood Lights, select from 5 inch round  EPDM Rubber Housings or 2 x 6 inch plastic. Available as Light Systems complete with wiring harness, fixing brackets and switch, or as Single Lights.

    Another Range of Spotlights available, this time catering to RV or Motor Home Vehicle owners offering Driving Lights, Fog lights or Flood Light Beam Patterns


    We also supply the ever popular range of Bestop products for your Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ. JK and CJ, including Soft tops - Bestop Sunrider and Bestop Supertop, Bikini Tops, Dusters, Windjammers and Trailcovers, as well as Bestop Jeep accessories. 

     A couple of KC's Light systems that do not get enough attention are the 50 Series Fog lights, Part #'s  488 & 489, these 5 inch round compact Fog lights are an ideal solution where space limitations are a consideration and the need for fog lights all important. 

      KC HiLiTES is the dominant force in auxiliary and off road lighting! As the original manufacturer of off road lighting, beginning with the now " WORLD FAMOUS kc daylighters  ", KC HiLiTES have established a rock solid reputation for quality and performance. Specializing in the Truck, SUV, Jeep and 4x4 markets, our product offering continues to evolve. We offer a complete line of Auxiliary Lights, including Fog & Driving lights, Off Road lights, Rally Lights,  HID systems, Flood lights, in essence all types of spot lights, Light Bars, Hard Plastic or Soft Vinyl KC  light Covers, Wiring kits and electrical accessories, as well as other specialized lighting products..


    From KC's Range of jeep accessories is the Wrangler JK 2007-8 Hood Mount Light Bar

    Utilising the hood hinges on the new Wrangler JK, this light bar enables the fitting of Two extra auxiliary lights  


    Brilliant light output, exceptional optics, great selection and styling...kc lights offer a full range of innovative lighting types, be it off road lights, rally lights, driving lights, fog lights, flood lights, the whole range of auxiliary lights and accessories that will help light up your adventures. They're all backed by a legendary off-road race winning tradition... and the home of the kc daylighters .

    23 Year Warranty logo... and the best warranty in  the industry  


    WHAT's NEW! ...  

    We have now added 24 Volt Spotlights to our inventory - A selection of 24 volt 100 watt DAYLIGHTERS now available! Plus a range of 24 Volt HID ( High Intensity Discharge ) Systems!


    KC Pod Lights - The Industry's First 70 Watt HID Light 

    KC HiLites yet again has set a new standard in the field of Automotive Auxiliary lighting with the industries First 70 watt HID light in the form of their New KC-Pod


          The KC Pod has been designed by the engineers at KC in conjunction with critical feedback from some of America’s Top Off-Road Racers, the New KC-Pod housing is manufactured from weight saving Carbon Fibre and the 70 watt HID bulb and computer designed Multi-Surface reflector are protected by an Unbreakable Hard Coated Lexan Lenses 




          The 7.25 inch Carbon Fibre housing is fixed mounted for extreme stability. The spring loaded lens assembly not only isolates it from the harsh impacts of Off-Road racing, but also allows for fast, simple and accurate aiming. An external Ballast is attached directly to the light housing to provide easier wiring.

    The first extreme test of the new KC-pod took place at the 2007 Baja 1000. Mounted atop of the KC/Donahoe Racing/Nitto Tire Toyota FJ Cruiser, the lights were turned on at the start in Ensenada to finish in Los Cabos, B.C. Racing over nearly 1300 miles of the most treacherous terrain the Baja peninsula has to offer and more than 41 hours of continuous operation, the lights performed flawlessly as a true testament to their durable performance

     KC’s New KC Pod  available in both Long Range and Driving beam Patterns.

    ( Please note that as we are a UK Based company and for the conveinance of our Domestic customers, we have already added UK VAT <Value Added Tax > to our pricing. ( current rate 20% ) This will apply to all countries within the European Union. But will NOT apply  to the rest of our world wide customers ) 



    **European EU Customers - Please contact us for shipping charges to your country, we can now offer favorable rates for Europe



    **If you are outside the EU community please contact us for your  tax exempt pricing & favorable Shipping rates.

    **(Free Shipping within North America on orders over £ 25.00 ( KC HiLiTes Products Only) - PLEASE CONTACT US PRIOR TO ORDERING FOR PURCHASES WITHIN THE USA )


    Keep up to date with our latest news and Special Offers, along with New Products and items of Special Interest?  Don't miss out! Simply register with us by clicking on the " Register here" on the left hand side below the category list and under the Member login; You will then be one of the first to know of the Great things ahead!

    KC # 9640 KC POD - 130 watt Long Range
    KC Carbon Fibre POD LIGHT - 130 watt Long Range (single light)
    Price:  £445.00
    Special offer price:  £311.50
    (30% Off)

    KC # 9641 KC POD - 130 watt Driving
    KC Carbon Fibre POD LIGHT - 130 watt Driving Beam Pattern (single light)
    Price:  £445.00
    Special offer price:  £311.50
    (30% Off)

    KC # 2627 / 4049 Bulb: 150w 12 volt 6 inch Sealed Beam

    150w 12 volt Long Range Sealed Beam for Daylighters
    Price: £29.99
    KC # 2550 Bulb: 35w 12 volt H3 Halogen

    35watt - Clear - H3 Halogen bulb
    Price: £12.99
    # 11350.02 Bug Shield in Smoke Wrangler & Wrangler JK 07 - 14

    Wrap Around Bug Shield in Smoke 07-14 Wrangler & Wrangler Unlimited JK
    Price: £69.99
    KC # 5124 6" Round Pink Hard Plastic Cover

    6 inch Round Pink Hard Plastic Cover - Limited Edition
    Price: £11.99
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